Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feedback from My First Visual Voice Workshop

It was challenging, threatening, inspiring, stimulating - all good things!  Inspired me to break my established creative routine. Gulp!   - Mary T.

Many times along the way - during the day - there were "lightbulb" moments for myself. The exercise was very helpful, and will be useful going forward. Your knowledge / willingness to share is much appreciated. I feel well-fed (artistically), and motivated to continue on the path! Thank you!   - Marlene B.

Workbook questions were illuminating, saw patterns I did not know were there. Discussions about how artists think made me understand some of my own behaviors.  - Cynthia S.

I came to this workshop because, despite earning a BFA in painting, I feel like I've never really been taught how to explore, research & develop an idea. I feel like there was an assumption in my program that ideas just happened, and if you had weak ideas, you were a lost cause. I feel like I have been given a lot of rich ideas to sit with, develop, & mine, as well as information to use to refine ideas & work.  - Lauren S.

Very well structured, very informative... many things resonated with my views & experience.
- Desha J

It was great to dig... So much to think about & directions to go that it will keep me going for some time.   - Fannie W

I've been circling around an artistic problem, but have not been able/willing to jump into it. Looking forward to reading your book, and approaching my problem from these perspectives. Also ... hoping to explore this throughout the summer, so I can examine ways to use this in my classroom. Thanks... It was great! Publish your book! Artists/teachers need it!  - Wendy M.

I love it! Thank you for giving us so much information.  - Rhonda P.

I loved  having the creative process & suggestions for it broken down. I liked the exercises & that feedback was offered... that it was objective & not competitive. I liked the expanded look at work by contemporary artists.  - Roxanne

Overall this was an enjoyable & very informative/educative workshop. I especially enjoyed the sketching exercise: it was very attuned with the "dig deep" subject of the workshop. The slides were very informative.   - Poorvi